AKC Therapy Dog Title Info

Cavaliers as Therapy Dogs

Do you have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that you think would make a great therapy dog? 
Our club is proud to support the work that therapy dogs perform and we believe none does it better than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!
Our club member’s therapy dogs are registered by one of the several national therapy dog organizations. There are several organizations but most of our therapy dogs are members of Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs Inc), (www.therapydogs.com) a national registry of handlers and registered therapy dogs. Others are members of another national registry, Therapy Dogs International (www.tdi-dog.org ). All dogs are AKC Canine Good Citizens. The goal of the therapy team is to share our special cavaliers with others, to bring happiness and cheer to young and old alike. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s sweet and loving temperament makes them a perfect therapy dog!

Our therapy dogs visit senior assisted living centers, hospitals and libraries. Through TDI, we have members that participate in the Reading with Rover program, which helps children learn to read by reading with a therapy dog. You can also become trained in the R.E.A.D. program which the Alliance of Therapy Dogs supports and participates in (this is a separate training class, please visit www.careingpaws.org for more details).

We visit hospitals where therapy dogs help chemo patients through their chemotherapy by providing a soft cuddle and companion to pet. Our visits to senior centers are special, as many residents await the visit of the cavaliers to pet and hold. Sometimes, our cavaliers are the only visitors they may receive and this is a wonderful time for the resident and the therapy dog.

At the annual CKCSCGA Puppy Picnic, we have a certified tester/observer from Alliance of Therapy Dogs in attendance that performs the initial testing for therapy certification. After you and your dog pass this initial testing, you will be required to visit an assisted living center with the tester/observer a minimum of two times to become fully tested. Once registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, your dog will receive an “I am a therapy dog” tag and certification, at which time you will be able to perform therapy visits.

If you would like to learn more about having your cavalier become a therapy dog contact Sharon Utych at utych@earthlink.net for more information.

Finn bringing smiles to Alzheimer residents at a local senior center

Skye is a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Inc and visits senior assisted living centers. Cavaliers make wonderful therapy dogs!

Betty served with Therapy Dogs International and loved to give cavalier kisses to seniors!

Belle loves visiting with autistic children and giving them tail wags!