Our Eighth Specialty 2009

CKCSCGA Eighth Specialty Show
Atlanta Exposition Center, Atlanta, GA.
Thursday January 29, 2009

Sweepstake - Gwenn Crawford, Cottfordcourt USA
Regular Classes - Lorraine Hughes, Loranka UK
Juniors Sweepstakes Judge - Lu Dunham, O'skot USA

Photos Regular Classes 

Sweepstakes Photos 

Trophy's Provided By

BOB, BW - Cinderlace Bramble - Owner Pat Lander 
Breeder Mr. A. Vella & Mrs. T.A. Vella
BOS - Mimric Moonstone - Owner/Breeder, Amelia Hodges
AOM - Ch Pascavale Pancho Owner, Paula Ayers & Brenda Martz
Breeder, Michael Levy
AOM - Ch Grantilley Take That - Owner Lana Adair
Breeder, Rita Bidgood.  Agent Elaine Mitchell
BBBE - Brookhaven Star - Owner, Paula Ayers & Brenda Martz
 Breeder, Paula Ayers & Erica Venier
Best Veteran - Ch St Jon Breathless
- Owner/Breeder, Jennifer Wehking
Best Stud Dog - Ch St Jon Live Wire
- Owner/Breeder, Jennifer Wehking
Best Brood Bitch - Ch St Jon Divine Miss M -
Owner, Heckert/Michael/Wehking
 Breeder Wehking/ Bruns

Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos 

1 Jayba's Gentlemens Quarterly At Signatures
2 Redtheda King Of Hearts
3 St Jon Hitchin' A Ride 
Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos

1 Eulenburg National Treasure
Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs

1 Aradei Renaissance
2 Stepamgar King Of Memphis
3 Huntington Hometown Hero
4 Stepamgar Life Is Good
Amateur-Owner Handler Dogs

1 Huntington Gordon
Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs 

1 Tusus Party Like A Rock Star
2 Okayc American Runs On Duncan
3 St Jon Coming Around Again
4 Eulenburg Got It Made

 American Bred Dogs

1 Jaybas Pieces Of Eight At Southern Knights
2 St Jon Happily Orchestrated

Open Dogs Black & Tan

1 Lastarz Phoenix In Flight
2 Cambridge Dante
3 Caddo Dark Rainbow At Radiant

Open Dogs, Blenheim

 1 Cinderlace Bramble
2 Cambridge Ring My Chime
3 Milhaven's Let's Roll
4 O'skot Shboom At St Jon
Open Dogs Ruby

1 Stepamgar's Cooper Penny

Open Dogs Tri-Color

1 Pascavale Bruce

Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos

1 Jayba's Sweet Tea
2 Jayba's Sleeping Beauty At Tudorose
3 Ministik Alice Dachalmer
4 Brookhaven Secret Dream

Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos

1 Orchard Hill On A Lark
2 Torlundy Courtlore Here's Your Hat
3 St Jon Lady Lucille Of Seabrez
4 Waterford Divine Heiress

Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches

1 Stepamgar Lady Of Fashion
2 Okayc Phoebe
3 Eulenburg The Game Plan
4 Caddo Shirmont Birthday Babe

Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches

, 1 Brookhaven Enchanted Star
2 Okayc Phoebe
3 Eulenburg The Game Plan
4 Caddo Shirmont Birthday Babe

American-Bred Bitches 

1 Greentree's Savannah Rose

Open Bitches, Blenheim

, 1 Mimric Moonstone
2 Cinderlace Harmony
3 Rossbonny Petruska
4 Grantilley Chantismere Clarion
Open Bitches, Ruby 

1 Eulenburg chocolat

Open Bitches, Tri-Color 

1 Monticello Steel Magnolias

Veteran Dogs 9 Yrs & Older

1 Ch Monticello Sir Lancelot

Veteran Bitches 7 Yrs & Under 9 Yrs 

1 Ch St Jon Breathless

Stud Dog 

1 Ch St Jon Live Wire
Brood Bitch

1 Ch St Jon Divine Miss M


Specialty Sweepstakes 2009

Puppy Sweeps Class Results
Judge: Gwenn Crawford, Cottfordcourt USA

Best In Sweeps - Stepamgar King Of Memphis
Best Puppy In Sweeps - Redtheda King Of Hearts
Best Junior In Sweeps - Stepamgar King Of Memphis

Puppy Dogs, 6 mos – under 9 mos
1 Redtheda King of Hearts
2 Jaybas Gentements Quarterly At signatures
3 St Jon Hitchin' A Ride
Puppy Dogs, 9 mos – under 12 mos

1 Okayc America Runs On Duncan
2  O'skot's Achey Breaky Heart
3 O'skot's Total Eclyps Of The Heart

Junior Dogs, 12 mos & under 15 mos

1 Stepamgar Life Is Good
2 St Jon Short Circuit
3 Tusus Party Like A Rock Star
4 Waterford Still life Sunflowers At Masterpiece

Junior Dogs 15 Mos & Under 18 Mos

1Stepamgar King Of Memphis
2 Aradeli Renaissance
3 Cambridge Dante
4 St Jon Jack Of Our Hearts

Puppy Bitches, 6 mos & under 9 mos

1 Jayba's Sweet Tea 
2 Caddo Queen Of Clubs
3 Brookhaven Secret Dream
4 Ministik Alice Dachalmer

Puppy Bitches, 9 mos & under 12 mos

1 Orchard Hill On A Lark
2 Caddo Shirmont Back In Town
3 St Jon Lady Lucille Of Seabrez
4 Torlundy Courtlore Here's Your Hat

Puppy Bitches, 12 mos & under 15 mos

1 Okay Phoebe
2 Eulenburg The Game Plan
3 Wellington's Gibson Girl
4 Waterford Divine Heiress

Junior Bitches, 15 mos & under 18 mos

1 Stepamar Lady Of Fashion
2 Stepamar Gracelands Lady
3 St Jon Isabella's Face Full Of Kisses

Junior Showmanship Competition
Judge Ms. Luanne K Dunham O'skot USA

Best Junior Handler - Peyton Hall with St Jon Jack Of Hearts

Reflecting on 2008


In 2008 we boldly stepped out of the box. Our Specialty location & time of year was changed & we couldn't have hoped for a better response. We heard from many, saying it was our best yet. We are so pleased everyone had a wonderful time!

We would like to thank each of you for making it happen. Our success is related directly to the many member volunteers who support the show each year. It makes for a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all in attendance. We graciously thank each and every member who volunteered of their time and/or donations to our Trophy fund, once again we were able to provide lovely trophy’s for our winners.

To our attendees, you are a huge part of what makes our Specialty so enjoyable each year, thank you!  We always look forward to seeing old friends & making new ones.  We hope you will join us once again in 2009.  If you were unable to attend last year, we hope you will be able to come & enjoy the warm hospitality that is a tradition here in the South!