Our Fourth Specialty 2005

CKCSCGA Fourth Annual Specialty Show
Peach Blossom Cluster
Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, GA.
Sunday, April 17, 2005

Puppy Sweepstakes Judge: Mr. Robert Schroll-Ravenrush USA
Regular & Junior Showmanship Classes:
 Mrs. Elaine L. Whitney CAN

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CKCSCGA Regional Specialty Winners

BOB - CH Flying Colors Maxima , C Gish
OS - CH Amantra Maybelline , J Gallagher
BW - Dawnaquinn Clark Gable, W Maisey/D Maisey
WD- Dawnaquinn Clark Gable, W Maisey/D Maisey
RWD - Castlekeep Tiger Kim, M Anderson/M Parris
WB/BBBE- CH Kingsways Enduring Faith , S Thompson
RWB - Stepamgar Woodbridge Celeste, L Shreffler

Regular & Junior Showmanship Classes: Mrs. Elaine L. Whitney CAN

Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos.

1 Rawllea's Love Me Tender, M Sinclair/S Rawl
2 Brookhaven Southern Nights, S Hardwick

Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos. 

1/Reserve Castlekeep Tiger Kim, M Anderson/M Parris
2 Dovetails Will He Be Invited, N Lord/F Holding/L Isenhath
3 Castlekeep R Kipling, M Anderson

Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs

1 Grantilley Galliano, L Isehath/F Holding
2 Stepamgar Wolfgang Amadeus, L Shreffler/J Shreffler
3 Peglen Palace Guard, P Grapp/R GRAPP
4 Kingsway St Jon The Legend Continues, S Thompson/J Wehking

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs

1 Flying Colors It's All About Me, C Gish
2 Radiant I Luv Louie At Caddo, G Dodson/A Hutton
3 O' Skot's Full Circle, L Dunham/H Jesse
4 Wildflower Hawthorne, J Dalton

American Bred Dogs

1 Sheeba Bear E At Brookhaven, P Ayers/B Martz

Open Dogs - Black & Tan

1/Winners/Best of Winners- Dawnaquinn Clark Gable, W Maisey/D Maisey
Open Dogs Tricolor

1 Toraylac Out In Style, D Sather/J Sather
2 Buttons Wind Up Toy, V Goodwin/P Zielihski

Open Dogs Blenheim

1 Wildflower Everlasting, T Manuel/M Manuel
2 Pascavale Ryan, P Ayers/B Martz
3 Chimera Southern Crumpet, L Lashley
4 Ravenrush Syncopation, D MILLER/P Miller/J Gammon/R Schroll

Puppy Bitch 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos.

1 Charterwood Damask,
2 Cynja Calypso, C Jones
3 Castlekeep Romantic Puzzle,

Puppy Bitch 9 Mos. & Under 12 Mos. 

1 Sandi Wins At Charing Cross, G Kahn
2 Castlekeep Beverly Hills, M Anderson
3 St Jon Picture Perfect, J Wehking
4 Dovetails Bling Bling, L Isenhath/F Holding

Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches

1 Stepamgar Maria Anna, L Shreffler/J Shreffler

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches

1/Winners/Best Bred By Exhibitor 
   CH Kingsways Enduring Faith , S Thompson
2 Cynja Risque, C Jones
3 Peglen Carinna, P GRAPP/R GRAPP
4 Cambridge Dancing Queen, E Mitchell

American Bred Bitches

1 Castlekeep I Love Myrtle, D Campbell/M Parris

Open Bitches Tricolor

1 Tomnee Good Morning Darling, C Upthegrove/R Wise
2 Monticello Charisma's Charm, A Alford

Open Bitches Blenheim

1/Reserve  Stepamgar Woodbridge Celeste, L Shreffler
2 Jayba's Angel Pudding, P Lander
3 St Jon Madison Ave, J Wehking
4 Forest Creek's First Lady, K CLINE/D CLINE

Open Bitches Ruby

1 Teacup's Raspberry Zinger, K Montalvo/M Montalvo

Veteran Dogs Seven To Nine

1 CH Rattlebridge Ditto Master CD, L Dunham/H Jesse

Veteran Bitches Nine To Twelve

1 Kewpy's Ms Ross Of Cambridge, E Mitchell

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