Membership Awards

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Atlanta is proud to recognize our long term members at various milestones in their membership! Membership milestones are recognized and celebrated each year at our December meeting (Holiday Luncheon). 

We recognize our FIVE YEAR members with a certificate, our TEN YEAR members with a framed certificate and website posting and our TWENTY YEAR members with a plaque and website posting. Our TWENTY FIVE, THIRTY AND THIRTY FIVE year members will also be recognized with a framed certificate. Our FORTY year members will receive a plaque.

Congratulations to all our long term members and thank you for our membership in the club and dedication to the breed!

Our 20 year awards

Our Club honors and recognizes those who have been members for twenty years! 

2023 Twenty Year Members

Pat Lander

Randy and Alice Alford

Beth Arenburg (no photo)

2022 Twenty Year Members