Our Fifth Specialty 2006


Back to Back Specialties!
One Location!

We Proudly Host the
ACKCSC National 2006 Specialty
& then we have  
Our Fifth Regional Specialty Show!
May 7, 2006
Callaway Gardens,
Pine Mountain, GA.

Results with Photos Click Here

CKCSCGA Regional Specialty Winners

BOB - Ch Hurleaze Bristol Blue
BW - Roscrea Bedazzled
BOS - Ch Bentwood High Class
WD - Kunrad V H Lamslag
RWD - Pascavale Pancho
WB - Rosscrea Bedazzled
RWB -  Mayfield Magnificent Mame
Best Bred By - Halfmoon Home Run
Best Veteran - Ch Pamedna Sir Edward

Ch Lymrey High Octane
Ch Grantilly Galliano
Ch Loranka's Weave A Dream
Ch Pamedna Sir Edward

Regular, Non-Regular, Intersex and Junior Showmanship Classes
Mr. Richard Beauchamp, Cambria, CA
Puppy Dogs 6 Mos. To Under 9 Mos. 

1 Chantismere Royal Escape
2 Cobalatino Romeo
3 Shenandoah Galileo
4 Stepamgar's Tristan

 Puppy Dogs 9 mos. To Under 12 Mos.

1 Rattlebridge From Dusk 'Til Dawn
2 Castlekeep Red White N Baloo
3 Pampurred Hunter's Moon
4 Caravel Day Dream Believer

Twelver To Eightenn Month Dogs

1 Loranka's Gucci
2 Grantilly Prince of Tides
3 Halfmoon Just Right
4 Shenandoah Midnight Cowboy

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs

1 Halfmoon Home Run
2 St. Jon Supernatural
3 Suseo Moonlight Temptation
4 Monticello Regal Anticipation

Am Bred Dogs

1 Twickenham Charmin Red Rogue
2 Jayba Love Rings True
3 Block Islan Sheffild House
4 Unicorn Farms Bradley

Open Dogs Black &Tan

1 Row-Sand's Midnight Onyx
2 Hob Nob The Desperado

Open Dogs Blenheim

1 Pascavale Pancho
2 Millhill Le Pas
3 Castlekeep Magic Dragon
4 Charnell Top Of The Bill

Open Dogs Ruby

1 Shado Run Rush To Ministik
2 Closeburn Innes Kerr

Open Dogs Tricolor

1 Kunrad VH Lamslag
2 Amantra Kilvey San Fransico
3 Timsar Jackson
4 Connemara Razz A Ma Tazz
Puppy Bitches 6 Mos. To Under 9 Mos.

1 Kavalor Beacon Hill
2 Cobaltino Francesca
3 Del Sol Lucy In The Sky
4 Kingsway's Goodnight Gracie

Puppy Bitches 9 Mos. To Under 12 Mos.

1 Shirmont Birthday Party Girl
2 Grantilly Violet
3 Rattlebridge Delta Dawn
4 Kexby Caribbean Queen

Twelve To Eighteen Months

1 Maibee Divine
2 Highcotton De-Lightful
3 RoKirk Beautiful Dreamer
4 Grantilley Extra Nice

Novice Bitches

1 Moorfields Reba
2 Kimark This Magic Moment

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches

1 Wellington's Vanity Fair
2 Kingsway Crown Jewel
3 Castlemaine Pure Magic
4 Spiceolife Great Expectations

Am Bred Bitches

1 Kimark I Got U Babe
2 Mayfile Katie Did It
3 Castlemar's Sophia Grace
4 Caryse Baby Love

Open Bitches Black and Tan

1 Withheld
2 Kimark Sweet Midnight Magic
3 O'Skot Ravenclaw
4 Cobb's Merry Maggie

Open Bitches Blenheim

1 Rosscrea Bedazzled
2 Roi L C'est La Vie
3 Pascavale Sweet Surprise
4 Redthea Butter Me Up

 Open Bitches Ruby

1 Highhopes Surfer Girl At Stewart
2 Nutmeg Vom Rabaunkenhof
3 O'Skot Hufflepuff
4 Kimark Mi Amor

Open Bitches Tricolor

1 Mayfield Magnificent Mame
2 Charterwood Blackberry
3 Redthea Dial M For Emmy

Specialty Sweepstakes 2006

Sweepstakes Results

Mrs. Judith Gates, Rumford, RI

Best In Sweeps - Kimark Bright Eyes
Best Puppy in Sweepstakes - Miletree Frank's a Lot
Best Junior in Sweepstakes - Kimark Bright Eyes

Puppy Dog 6-9

1 Stepamgar's Tristan
2 St. Jon Ticket to Ride
3 Kimark Holy Moses
4 Muffity the Artist

Puppy Dog 9-12

1 Castlekeep Red White and Baloo
2 Castlekeep Dare Devil
3 Caribelle Inya Dreams
4 Pampurred Hunter's Moon

Jr Dog 12-15

1 Shenandoah Midnight Cowboy
2 Shenandoa Hennessy

Jr Dog 15-18

1 Halfmoon Home Run
2 Grantilly Prince of Tides
3 Loranka's Gucci
4 HighCotton Mutual Fund

Puppy Bitch 6-9

1 Miletree Frank's a Lot
2 Wellington's Scarbough Fair
3 Wellington's Vanity Fair
4 Kingsway Goodnight Gracie

Puppy Bitch 9-12

1 Rattlebridge Dawn's Early Light
2 Creekside Kiss Me Katie
3 Kimark This Magic Moment
4 Marshelle Button Fly

Jr Bitch 12-15

1 Grantilly Lavendar
2 Block Island Bellevue House
3 Moorfields Violet
4 Riptide Free Spirit

Jr Bitch 15-18

1 Kimark Bright Eyes
2 Highcotton De-Lightful
3 Halfmoon Northen Spy
4 O'Skot Ravenclaw