2016 All Hallows Specialty AM Results (Judge Ms. A. Bubb)

Best of Breed
Ch Bentwood Forestcreek Rob Red
Breeders: Ginger Harrison & Kevin Cline; Owners: Heather Borton, Ginger Harrison & Kevin Cline

Best of Opposite
Lanmar Scandal
Breeders: Margaret Hubbard & Lorrie Gordon; Owners: Portia Baker & Margaret Hubbard

Best of Winners 
Lanmar Scandal

Select Dog
English & American Ch Brookhaven Believe It or Not
Breeder/Owners: Paula Ayers & Brenda Martz

Select Bitch
Ch Tusus Ring of Fire
Breeder/Owner: Susan Hardwick Bess

Award of Merit 1
GCH Stepamgar Skyfall
Breeder/Owners: James & Linda Shreffler

Award of Merit 2
Ch Almeara Extra Extraordinary
Breeder/Owner: Linda Whitmire

Winners Dog
Jayba Jack of All Trades
Breeder/Owners: Patricia & Michelle Lander

Winners Bitch
Lanmar Scandal

Reserve Winners Dog
Almeara Visionnaire CGC
Breeder: Linda Whitmire; Owners: Sharon Utych & Linda Whitmire

Reserve Winners Bitch
Ranlyn's Cristalle De Chanel
Breeder/Owner: Lynette Bragg

Best Puppy in Show
Ranlyn's Cristalle De Chanel

Best Veteran in Show
Karvale Brookhaven Finn THDA CGCA
Breeder: Karen M. Evans; Owner: Jim & Sharon Utych

Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show
Jayba Jack of All Trades
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Judges Critique of Major Winners (AM)

Best of Breed - Ch Bentwood Forestcreek Rob Red

Beautiful blenheim boy, gorgeous head and great expression. Good skull, ear set, good neck. Level topline; sailed round the ring with style. Beautifully presented and handled. He was pleasure to watch and go over. 

Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners and Winners Bitch - Lanmar Scandal

Very smart blenheim bitch. Lovely dark, round eyes with good pigment. Moved with grace. Spot on level top line. Moved with drive. Excellent rear. Flat skull, well set ears, good neck & shoulders.

Select Dog - Ch Brookhaven Believe It or Not

Very sound little dog. Prettiest of faces. Large, dark eyes. Short coupled with good tail set and carriage. Moved really well, just left his coat home today. Liked his head carriage. 

Select Bitch - Ch Tusus Ring of Fire

Nice type of bitch. Large, dark, round eyes and a good pigment. Rich colour. Moved well. 

Award of Merit (first) - GCH Stepamgar Skyfall

Smart blenheim dog, well broken and silky coat of correct texture. Good neck followed by well laid shoulders. Looked good in profile (movement and standing). Pleasing expression.

Award of Merit (Second) - Ch Almeara Extra Extraordinary

Blenheim boy, lovely eyes, round shape. Level topline. Sweet expression. Good tail set and movement. 

Winners Dog - Jayba Jack of All Trades

Blenheim boy. Lovely large, dark, round eyes with jet black pigment. Good ear set. Well placed shoulders from a good neck, Completely level top line on the move and followed by a well connected tail. Just the right chest room. Good rich colour. Loved his attitude. 

Best Puppy in Show - Raylyn's Cristalle de Chanel

Very feminine and pretty baby. Very sweet expression. Good top line which got better and better as the challenge went on. Exciting puppy who moved well. She was also my Reserve Winners Bitch. Will watch her progress as she matures.

Best Veteran in Show - Karvale Brookhaven Finn THDA CGCA

Great gentleman, sweet face. Well presented and moved well. Everything just right and full dentitia!