Specialty Results 2008

CKCSCGA Seventh Annual Specialty Show
Atlanta Exposition Center, Atlanta, GA.
Thursday January 31, 2008

Sweepstake - Ms. Luanne K. Dunham,
O'Skot USA
Regular Classes - Mr. Michael Levy,
Pascavale UK 

Results With Photos - Click Here

Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .

1(5) CADDO DARK RAINBOW AT RADIANT. TR647649/01. 05/22/2007. BREEDER: Gaylon & Susan Dodson. By Pascavale Stanley-Caddo Camilla Barker Bones. OWNER: Gaylon & Susan Dodson and Ann Ray Hutton.

7 REDTHEA FIFE AND DRUM. TR685001/01. 06/04/2007. BREEDER: Jane Anne Thaeder & Jame M Thaeder. By Ch Pascavale Ryan-Twickenham Signature At Redthea. OWNER: Roseann Fenley & Jane Anne Thaeder. 

2  (9) STEPAMGAR SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN. TR665295/02. 07/18/2007. BREEDER: Owners. By Pascauale Enchanted-Ch Stepamgar Gatsby's Great Love. OWNER: Linda W & James Shreffler.

A (11) BROOKHAVEN REBEL YELL. TR666889/03. 07/09/2007. BREEDER: Paula L Ayres & Brenda Martz. By Ch Brookhaven Stanley-Jenda Brookhaven Morgan. OWNER: Phyllis Horsley. 

3 (15) KASTLECAV'S ROCKETS RED GLARE. TR671419/03. 06/30/2007. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Pascavale Pancho-Kastlecav's Christmas Carol. OWNER: Joan N Robinson.

17 BROOKHAVEN SHOW TIME AT TUSUS. TR639613/04. 05/31/2007. BREEDER: Paula L Ayers & Brenda Martz. By Pascavale Enchanted-CH Loranka's Heavenly Delight. OWNER: Susan Hardwick.

4 (19) SUNSHINE DANICREST CORONA N LIME. TR675898/07. 07/17/2007. BREEDER: Julia Lemon & Carol Upthegrove. By Ch Helandros Ivanhoe-Sunshine Charlotte's Web. OWNER: Danielle Butler & Carol Upthegrove. 

Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .

2 (21) OKAYC CAPTAIN BUTLER AT CASTLEHILL. TR662270/01. 02/16/2007. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Pascavale Panco At Brookhaven-Ch Okayc Patti Playpal At Castlehill. OWNER: Wesley H Sherrill.

3 (23) RADIANT NAUGHTY NIGEL AT CADDO. TR664735/01. 03/14/2007. BREEDER: Owners. By Pascavale Enchanged-Ch Radiant Caddo Delightful Darla. OWNER: Ann Ray Hutton & Gaylon Dodson.

25 BROOKHAVEN MAXAMILLION LOVE. TR615471/02. 03/05/2007. BREEDER: Karen M Evans. By Ch Pascavale Pancho-Brookhaven Jasmine. OWNER: Dr Tina Goodin. AGENT: Carol Rice PHA.


1/RESERVE (29) CINDERLACE BRAMBLE. AH025727/05. 04/09/2007. BREEDER: Nr A & Mrs T A Vella. By Ch Eng Ch Keyingham Branwell-Cinderlace My Fair Lady. OWNER: Patricia Lander.

Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .

31 STEPAMGAR'S COOPER PENNY. TR598964/01. 01/11/2007. BREEDER: Owner. By Pascauale Stanley-Amantra Indicolite. OWNER: Linda & James Shreffler.

1 (33) CA CAMBRIDGE DOUBLE YOUR MONEY. TR696695/01. 08/07/2006. BREEDER: Elaine Mitchell. By Kunrad V.H. Lamslag-Bontemps Luvly Rita Metrmaid. OWNER: Lana Adair. AGENT: Elaine Mitchell.

3 (35) BROOKHAVEN CHANCELLOR AT MONTICELLO. TR555793/02. 08/07/2006. BREEDER: Paula L Ayers & Brenda Martz. By Ch Pascavale Pancho-Brookhaven Winter's Hope. OWNER: Alice Alford.

2 (37) JAYBA'S IN YOUR DREAM. TR602739/02. 01/22/2007. BREEDER: Patricia A. Lander. By Ch Ch Truluv Kiss 'N Tell of Jayba-Ch Ch Sheeba Twinkle Star of Jayba. OWNER: Patricia A Lander.

39 CASTLEKEEP BUFORD. TR608261/02. 09/05/2006. BREEDER: MJ Anderson & DC Campbell. By Ch Charterwood Marquis-Charterwood Damask. OWNER: Marlene Anderson. AGENT: Daniel Bayless.

41 LEWISWOOD JOSEPH. TR610785/02. 01/31/2007. BREEDER: Carolyn Adams. By Ch Ivy Lane Jacob Pied Piper-Telvara Prima Donna. OWNER: Pat Mixon & Carolyn Adams.

43 ST JON TAYLORMADE OF WATERFORD. TR553068/03. 08/23/2006. BREEDER: Jennifer Wehking. By Ch St Jon Live Wire-St Jon Picture Perfect. OWNER: Barbara Michael & Carolyn Heckert & J Wehking.

A (45) FIRETHORNE LUKE. TR605879/03. 01/17/2007. BREEDER: J David McDowell. By Salador Captain Cloudy-Salador Condoleeza. OWNER: J David McDowell.

4 (47) ST JON COMING AROUND AGAIN. TR591594/05. 12/06/2006. BREEDER: Jennifer Wehking. By Ch St Jon Supernatural-St Jon Madison Ave. OWNER: Barbara Michael & Carolyn Heckrt & J Wehking.

49 PEGLEN O'SKOT TWISTED KNICKERS. TR584485/06. 10/22/2006. BREEDER: Darlene Petralia and Peggy Grapp. By Ch O'Skots Touch Of Rattlebridge-Ch Peglen Gray Stone Moll Roone. OWNER: Peggy Grapp and Helen Jesse. 

Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .

2 (51) CYNJA DREAMBOAT. TR440366/02. 08/19/2005. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Brookhaven Dream Lover-Cynja Striptease. OWNER: Cynthia Jones.

1/BEST BRED BY EXHIBITOR (53) EULENBURG GOT IT MADE. TR553977/02. 08/13/2006. BREEDER: Owner. By Eulenburg The Great Gatsby-Eulenburg Pitch Black. OWNER: Gabriele G Pollmeier.

Open Dogs Black & Tan .

A (55) YARIS PERLE DU SAHEL. CMKU912206C. 06/06/2006. BREEDER: Alexandra Bedoui. By Ch Clopsville Jack Daniels-Ch French Kiss Perle De Sahel. OWNER: Victoria Gardner.

A (57) TOMADD TUCKER SEANSON. TR325074/01. 10/28/2004. BREEDER: Peggy C Grapp & Roxie Seiple. By Ch Peglen Son Of Scotland-Peglen Madeline. OWNER: Roxie Seiple.

A (59) MONTICELLO GEORGIA ON MY MIND. TR356736/01. 02/20/2005. BREEDER: Carolyn Powell. By Ch Monticello Philabuster-Monticello Gracious Cassandra. OWNER: Charlene Lenker. AGENT: Michelle M Jones.

2 (61) BROOKHAVEN MACGREGGOR. TR536474/01. 06/28/2006. BREEDER: Paula L Ayers & Brenda Martz. By Ch Pascavale Pancho-Brookhaven Hot Lanta Nite. OWNER: Linda S Whitmire.

1/W/BW/AOM (63) BROOKHAVEN LOGAN OF MIMRIC. TR539504/01. 07/25/2006. BREEDER: Paula Ayers & Brenda Martz. By Ch Pascavale Ryan-Twickenhom Verbena. OWNER: Amelia Hodges.

A (65) FLYING COLORS MAZDA ROADSTER. TR239858/02. 04/28/2004. BREEDER: Cathy J Gish. By Ch Flying Colors Maxima-Flying Colors Mirada. OWNER: Phyllis A Horsley & Cathy J Gish.

67 SUSEO MOONLIGHT TEMPTATION. TR290983/02. 08/13/2004. BREEDER: Susan Smith Lewis. By Ch Brookhaven Dream Lover-Twickenham Temptation. OWNER: Susan Smith Lewis.

3 (69) CASTLEMAR'S INSIDE JOB. TR554555/02. 08/09/2006. BREEDER: dale R. Martenson. By Ch castlemar's Winchester-Ch castlemar's enchantress. OWNER: dale R. Martenson. AGENT: Kayley Kovar.

4 (71) LORANKA'S LORD BRANWELL. TR609157/02. 03/19/2006. BREEDER: Lorraine Hughes. By Loranka's Dreamed-A-Dream-Chantismere Charon Loranka. OWNER: Valerie Cromer & John Cromer.

73 GRANTILLEY SHAMELESS. TR477798/03. 06/20/2005. BREEDER: Rita Bidgood. By Ch Grantilley Gabanna-Grantilley Dream Girl. OWNER: Tia Painter.

75 RAINBOW SIZZLIN RUMBA. TR451510/05. 12/05/2006. BREEDER: dee steve wallis. By Ch peglen all things concidered-Ch willinbec dedemona CD OA OAJ. OWNER: joyce sothoron dee steve wallis.

Open Dogs Ruby .

2 (77) NESQUILK PERLE DU SAHEL. CMKU8460/CZ. 06/12/2005. BREEDER: Alexandra Bedoui. By Swynworth Indoxyl-Ch Uptown Girl Of Woodville. OWNER: Victoria Gardner. AGENT: Johann Emedl.

1 (79) CLOSEBURN GRAHAM MACINNES. TR451396/01. 07/20/2005. BREEDER: Brian Beard. By Ch Closeburn Innes Kerr-Allegra La Duchesse. OWNER: Kay Trad.

A (81) LIZMERE MADE IN MILAN. TR589416/04. 02/07/2006. BREEDER: Victoria Gardner. By Ch Davidoff Perle du Sahel-Lizmere Eugenia. OWNER: Victoria Gardner. 

Open Dogs Tri-Color .

1 (83) ROCK CLIFF FARM ALLAN. TR524608/06. 06/18/2006. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Northwood Also In Tri-Rock Cliff Farm Dutchess. OWNER: Terri Easterbrooks. AGENT: Warren T Rice PHA.

Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .

6 ST JON CLOSER TO FINE. TR644232/01. 04/28/2007. BREEDER: Jennifer Wehking. By Ch St Jon Live Wire-St Jon String O'Pearls. OWNER: Barbara Michael & Carolyn Heckert & Jennifer Wehki.

8 EULENBURG SUMMER CATCH. TR663004/01. 06/26/2007. BREEDER: Gabriele G. Pollmeier. By Ch Granasil American Pie-Eulenburg Empire Falls. OWNER: Gabriele G Pollmeier.

3 (10) EULENBURG CHOCOLAT. TR663005/01. 07/05/2007. BREEDER: Gabriele G Pollmeier. By Ch Granasil Golden Flame-Granasil Some Like It Hot. OWNER: Gabriele G. Pollmeier.

12 HUNTCREST PENNY LANE. TR672603/01. 07/15/2007. BREEDER: Leslee Weiner-Pope. By Christleton Gucci-Huntcrest Stella Mirabilis. OWNER: Glenn Fulton & Sanford Chertock & Leslee Pope.

14 CYNJA TINY DANCER. TR690911/01. 05/18/2007. BREEDER: Cynthia Jones. By Cynja Dreamboat-Cynja Soliloquy. OWNER: Cynthia Jones.


4 (18) PADAMERE ABOUT TIME. TR643610/03. 05/02/2007. BREEDER: Patty Miller & Linda Lashley. By Ch Truluv Kiss N Tell of Jayba-Crumpet's Back to the Future. OWNER: Patty Miller & David Miller.

1(20) ORCHDHILL SNUGGLE UP. TR65518/03. 05/21/2007. BREEDER: Erica S. Venier & Rachel Venier. By Ch Brookhaven Dream Lover-Ch Orchardhill Flower Power. OWNER: Linda S Whitmire Erica S. Venier & Rachel Venier.
Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .

2 (22) CINDERLACE HARMONY. AH025727/02. 04/09/2007. BREEDER: Mr A & Mrs T A Vella. By Ch Eng Ch Keyingham Branwell-Cinderlace My Fair Lady. OWNER: Patricia Lander.

3 (24) KILBROOK LARKSPUR. TR633694/02. 02/23/2007. BREEDER: Laura Lang & Joanne D Opel. By Ch Angel's Pride A Romanov-Kilbrook Honeysuckle. OWNER: Joanne D Opel.

26 RAINBOW THIS IS YOUR LIFE. TR641897/02. 04/10/2007. BREEDER: Dee & Steve Wallis & Elaine Lessig & W L Nelson. By Ch Grantilley Galliano-Ch Rol L C'est La Vie. OWNER: Dee & Steve Wallis.

1 (28) OKAYC KATIE SCARLETT O'HARA. TR662270/02. 02/16/2007. BREEDER: Wesley H. Sherrill. By Ch Pascavale Pancho At Brookhaven-Ch Okayc Patti Playpal at Castlehill. OWNER: Wesley H Sherrill.

4 (30) LOVEJOY ROYAL PASSION OF TRUELEGANCE. TR626902/04. 04/06/2007. BREEDER: Betty Fett. By Lovejoy Davy Crockett-Lovejoy Royal Rose. OWNER: Valerie & John Cromer.

32 GREENTREE'S SAVANNAH ROSE. TR659541910. 02/07/2007. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Pascavale Pancho-Luxxar Lolita. OWNER: Lee & John Chenevert. 

Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .

2 (34) CA CAMBRIDGE MONIEK ROOS. SQ169246/CN. 08/26/2006. BREEDER: Elaine L Mitchell. By CH Kunrad V.H. Lamslag-Chantismere Monica Rose. OWNER: Sherry Daigle & Elaine Mitchell.

36 STEPAMGAR'S FELICITY. TR555471/01. 09/10/2006. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Pascauale Pancho-Ch Stepamgar Maria. OWNER: Linda W & James Shreffler.

38 EULENBURG TOP SECRET. TR575547/01. 10/13/2006. BREEDER: Gabriele G. Pollmeier. By Ch Eulenburg Paris After Dark-Eulenburg Empire Falls. OWNER: Pollmeier Gabriele G..

40 CADDO SHIRMONT BIRTHDAY BABE. TR594663/01. 12/17/2006. BREEDER: Gaylon Dodson & Shirley Henry. By Ch Hurleaze Birthday Boy-Ch Shirmont Singin The Blues. OWNER: Gaylon Dodson & Shirley Henry.

42 CARENNA'S SINGULAR SENSATION. TR607832/01. 01/22/2007. BREEDER: Jenny Eppinga. By Ch Carenna's Entertainer-Dovetails Elizabeth. OWNER: Carol A Quaif.

44 CASTLEKEEP ROMA. TR609583/01. 09/11/2006. BREEDER: Marlene J A. By Ch Charterwood Marquis-Castlekeep Full Moon Hoopla. OWNER: Malene J Anderson. AGENT: Daniel Bayless.


4 (48) JORDANIC MARELLA. TR645080/01. 11/06/2006. BREEDER: Helena Parker. By Timsar Mister Moonlighter-Eng Ch Jordanic Lira. OWNER: Patricia Lander & Michelle Lander.

3 (50) MOONVALE PETULANCE. AH008448/02. 12/08/2006. BREEDER: Mrs S H Brooks. By Moonvale Augustus-Moonvale Sassy Socialite. OWNER: Deanne Lanier. AGENT: Michelle M Jones.

52 COLSTREAMS CANTA LIBRE. TR575141/02. 10/01/2006. BREEDER: R Robertson &Cathy Gish &Johann Emedi &Debbie Uren. By Ch Winbury Virtuoso-Ch Flying Colors Donatella. OWNER: Donna & Randy Phillips.

1/W/OS (54) SIGNATURES MON AMIE AT OKAYC. TR609198/02. 12/29/2006. BREEDER: Melissa Crane. By Ch Pascavale Pancho-Ch Okayc Miracle Touch. OWNER: Kathryn C Phipps.

A (56) QBY'S KASTLE BUTTERSCOTCH. TR596139/04. 11/29/2006. BREEDER: Dennis Cudd. By Kastle Jasper UT 'T Urmenveen-Qby V H Lamslag. OWNER: Joan N Robinson.

A (58) BENTLEY PARK CHLOE OF CRESTRIDGE. TR645035/04. 01/27/2007. BREEDER: Brenda George. By Ch Lazycroft's Yoseph-Fergie Maison La Stolp. OWNER: Catherine Kirkpatrick. 

Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .

1 (60) CYNJA DREAM ON. TR440366/01. 08/19/2005. BREEDER: Cynthia Louise Jones. By Ch Brookhaven Dream Lover-Cynja Striptease. OWNER: Cynthia Jones.

A (62) STEPAMGAR MOONDOGGIE'S GIDGET. TR512063/01. 05/12/2006. BREEDER: Owners. By Stepamgar's Leopoid-Stepamgar Street Car N'D Desire. OWNER: Linda & James Shreffler.

3 (64) CASTLEHILL WHATEVERLOLAWANTS. TR555130/01. 12/19/2005. BREEDER: Wesley H. Sherrill. By Ch Miletree Macnab-Ch Okayc Patti Playpal at Castlehill. OWNER: Wesley H. Sherrill.

4 (66) KINGSWAY'S LADY ABIGAIL. TR600456/01. 09/11/2006. BREEDER: Sonya Thompson & J. Wehking. By Kingsway St Jon The Legend Continues-St Jon Obsession At Kingsway. OWNER: Sonya Thompson.

2 (68) SIGNATURES STAND AND DELIVER. TR609198/01. 12/29/2006. BREEDER: Melissa Crane. By CH Pascavale Pancho-CH Okayc Miracle Touch. OWNER: Melissa Crane. 

American-Bred Bitches .

2 (70) RADIANT CADDO DELIGHTFUL DARLA. TR466154/01. 08/16/2005. BREEDER: Ann Ray Hutton. By Ch Radiant Romancer at Caddo-Radiant Let Freedom Ring. OWNER: Ann Ray Hutton & Gaylon Dodson.

1 (72) DOVETAIL KATE SPADE. TR474181/01. 12/02/2005. BREEDER: Lorri Isenhath. By Ch Grantilley Galliano-Loranka's Secret Admirerer. OWNER: Tia Painter & Lorri Isenhath.

A (74) LIZMERE MOLLY MALONE. TR589861/02. 07/28/2006. BREEDER: Victoria Gardner. By Ch Flying Colors Miata Zoomster-Pamedna Moll Flanders. OWNER: Victoria Gardner. AGENT: Johann Emedl.

3 (76) PIED PIPER BABY LOVE. TR536959/03. 05/22/2006. BREEDER: Maureen Miles. By Ch Charnell Top Of The Bill-Ch Pascavale Motown. OWNER: Glenn Fulton & Maureen V Miles.

Open Bitches Black & Tan .

A (78) LIZMERE LITTLE BIT-O-HONEY FITZ. TR535627/04. 05/10/2006. BREEDER: Vickie Gardner. By Lizmere Margeaux-Lizmere Honey Fitz. OWNER: Victoria Gardner. AGENT: Johann Emedl.

Open Bitches Blenheim .

80 CASTLEKEEP VICKIE CHICKIE. TR292374/01. 07/23/2004. BREEDER: MJ Anderson. By Ch Charterwood Marquis-Ch Castlekeep Safari Chic. OWNER: Dawn C Campbell & MJ Anderson. AGENT: Daniel Bayless.

2 (82) TOWNEE CHANTILLY LACE. TR334063/01. 11/26/2004. BREEDER: Renee Wise. By Lanola Romeo Of Rossbony-Townee's Blue Moon. OWNER: Martha & Stan Parris.

84 PAMEDNA TEMPTATION. TR350823/01. 10/16/2003. BREEDER: Maxine Fox-Shone. By Ch Pascavale Enchanted-Pamedna Rag Dolly. OWNER: Victoria Gardner.

86 CASTLEKEEP TULSA. TR466598/01. 08/03/2005. BREEDER: Marlene Anderson. By Castlekeep Paloma Gusto-Ch Charterwood Temptress. OWNER: M Parris & M Anderson & D Campbell.

1/RESERVE (88) SHANTILLEY BELLE. TR549082/01. 10/06/2005. BREEDER: D Cooper. By Grantilley Shadow Moon-Grantilley Its Endless Joy. OWNER: Lana Adair.

90 ROSSBONNY ANNE HATHAWAY. TR582512/01. 03/02/2006. BREEDER: Elaine Shail. By Pascavale Enchanted-Rossbonny Molly Malone. OWNER: Keith Robbins. AGENT: Tim Gains.

92 FORESTCREEK DIXIE. TR587621/01. 10/11/2006. BREEDER: Kevin & Debra Cline. By Pascavalie Pancho-Mayfield Blue Bayou Girl. OWNER: Kevin Cline & Vinton Cline. AGENT: Warren T Rice PHA.

4 (94) GRANTILLEY ENCHANTED MOON. TR600377/01. 04/18/2006. BREEDER: Mrs R M Bidgood. By Ch Pascavale Enchanted-Vanilla Moon Of Grantilley. OWNER: Millie & J David Talley MD. AGENT: Larry W Cornelius.
A (96) FIRETHORNE HOLY HOLY HOLY. TR289587/02. 09/22/2004. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Brookhaven Fairmont-Homerbrent Sabella. OWNER: J David McDowell.

98 CRUMPET'S BACK TO THE FUTURE. TR377853/02. 04/12/2005. BREEDER: Linda Lashley. By Ch Chimera Southern Crumpet-Twickenham Dixie Crumpet. OWNER: Patty Miller & David Miller.

100 BROOKHAVEN WONDERLAND. TR429052/02. 09/30/2005. BREEDER: Paula L Ayers & Brenda Martz. By Ch Pascavale Ryan-Brookhaven Destiny. OWNER: Rick Day & Carol Clouse.

3 (102) DOVETAIL DIVA. TR532583/03. 06/12/2006. BREEDER: Lori Isenhath & Frank R Holding. By Ch Pascavale Pancho-Ch Grantilley Goya. OWNER: Tia Painter & Lorri Isenhath. AGENT: Michelle M Jones.

A (104) HICKORYRIDGE DEJA BLUE. TR551768/03. 08/07/2006. BREEDER: Donna J Sather & Jennifer M Sather. By Ch Turretbank Royal Tartan-Ch Turretbank Baby Blue. OWNER: Anne James.

Open Bitches Ruby .

1 (106) BROOKHAVEN RUBY TUESDAY. TR330617/01. 12/29/2004. BREEDER: Brenda Martz & Paula Ayers. By Ch Brookhaven Dream Lover-Crosscreek Brookhaven Casino. OWNER: Scott and Gerri Dueringer. 

Open Bitches Tri-Color .

A (108) LIZMERE KANSAS FAYE LAMAR. TR370791/01. 03/14/2005. BREEDER: Victoria Gardner. By High Flyer-Thai Princess. OWNER: Victoria Gardner.

1 (110) LORANKA MAGIC NIGHT. TR548854/01. 12/26/2005. BREEDER: Mrs L Hughes. By Loranka's Enchanting-Loranka's Cherish Me. OWNER: Kevin Cline. AGENT: Carol Rice PHA.

3 (112) TEACUP'S PENELOPE FAITH. TR494821/02. 04/11/2006. BREEDER: Kristin & Miguel Montalvo. By St Jon Prince Charles Teacup-Teacup's Cute As A Button. OWNER: Kristina Nicole Cress.

2 (114) JAYBA RENDEZVOUS AT EIGHT. TR539514/07. 07/29/2006. BREEDER: Pat Lander & Michelle Lander. By Ch Charnell Top of the Bill-Jayba's Betty Boop. OWNER: David Miller & Patty Miller.

Veteran Bitches 9 Yrs & Older .

1 BVT (116) GRANASIL STORM SWIFT. TN754585/01. 11/13/1995. BREEDER: J & Mrs J Grant. By Granasil Chocolate Soldier-Summertime Sally For Granasil. OWNER: Gabrielle G Pollmeier.

2 (118) EULENBURG QUEEN OF CLUBS. TN785352/02. 10/19/1998. BREEDER: Owner. By Granasil Black Jack-Granasil Storm Swift. OWNER: Gabriele G Pollmeier. 

Best of Breed Competition .

85 CH ST JON LIVE WIRE. TP320171/01. 12/09/2002. Dog. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch St Jon Electric Amp-Ch St Jon Rhapsody in Motion. OWNER: Jennifer Wehking.

A (87) CH FLYING COLORS NIGHT LOVE. TR378721/01. 04/20/2005. Dog. BREEDER: Cathy J. Gish. By Flying Colors Hey Lover Boy-Flying Colors Milkyway. OWNER: Victoria Gardner.

BOB (89) CH PINECREST ROCK THE BOAT. TR390163/01. 05/22/2005. Dog. BREEDER: Ted & Mary Grace Eubank. By Ch Sheeba Special Inspiration-Ch Pinecrest Freeze Frame. OWNER: Ted Eubank & Erica Venier.

91 CH TRULUV KISS N TELL OF JAYBA. TR417287/01. 07/10/2005. Dog. BREEDER: Lauren Nikaci. By Ch Ch Miletree Macnab-Ch Ch Truluv Kissamee. OWNER: Patricia Lander.

93 CH CHARNELL TOP OF THE BILL. TR494023/01. 03/15/2004. Dog. BREEDER: Sandra Ireland-Cooke. By Ch Wandris Entertainer-Charnell The Siren. OWNER: Vickie Herring.

AOM 95 CH GRANTILLEY GALAXY MOON. TR499666/01. 04/27/2005. Dog. BREEDER: D Cooper. By Ch Grantilley Shadow Moon-Grantilley Loves Design. OWNER: Millie & J David Talley MD. AGENT: Lawrence W Cornelius, AKC Reg. Handler.

97 CH FLYING COLORS VERSACE. TR132105/02. 05/27/2003. Dog. BREEDER: Cathy J Gish. By Ch Peakdowns Aidan-Ch Flying Colors Lady Carolina. OWNER: Debbie & Jim Uren & Johann Emedi & Cathy Gish. AGENT: Johann Emedl.

99 CH GRANTILLEY COCONUT MOON. TR549082/02. 10/06/2005. Dog. BREEDER: Mrs D Cooper. By Grantilley Shadow Moon-Grantilley Its Endless Joy. OWNER: Mary Ellen Troia. AGENT: Michelle M Jones.

101 CH GRANTILLEY GLENFIDDICH. TR477150/03. 04/29/2005. Dog. BREEDER: Rita Bidgood. By Ch Grantilley Gabanna-Grantilley Ring of Love. OWNER: Lana Adair.

103 CH ST JON MORGAN OF WATERFORD. TR277700/05. 05/16/2004. Dog. BREEDER: Jennifer Wehking. By St Jon Shake Your Bon Bon-Ch St Jon Stuarthome Amber. OWNER: C Heckert & B Michael & Jennifer Wehking.

120 CH ROI L C'EST LA VIE. TR245986/01. 03/21/2004. Bitch. BREEDER: Elaine Lessig. By Ch Sanickro Double Vision-Ch Roi L C'est Si Bon. OWNER: Dee & Steve Wallis & E Lessig & W L Nelson.

Stud Dog .

(85) CH ST JON LIVE WIRE. TP320171/01. 12/09/2002. Dog. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch St Jon Electric Amp-Ch St Jon Rhapsody in Motion. OWNER: Jennifer Wehking.