2022 Renewal Information


Please note that membership for 2022 should be renewed by 12/31/21. 

You can renew your CKCSCGA Membership for 2022 two ways! 

  1. The same way as always - Complete the renewal form you received in USPS mail and mail with appropriate check amount.
  2. On Line payment renewal - Use our safe, secure store to select your membership and pay online. You will still need to submit the completed form via email or USPS mail with the online paypal transaction id number. 

 Just remember - the following regarding membership renewal:

  • If you currently are a REGULAR member (meaning you can vote and can be on the Breeder Referral), you can choose to renew as a REGULAR member or an ASSOCIATE member at this time. ASSOCIATE members cannot vote and are not counted as part of a meeting quorum, nor can they participate on the Club's Breeder Referral listing.
  • If you currently are an ASSOCIATE member, you can only choose to renew as an ASSOCIATE member at this time. 
  • If you currently are a JUNIOR MEMBER, your membership is FREE. Just complete the membership renewal form and either email or snail mail it to our Club's Treasurer
  • If you currently are a JUNIOR Member, but have reached the age limit, still renew as a JUNIOR MEMBER and then separately apply as a NEW ASSOCIATE member. Do not use the renew process to do this. 
  • If you currently are an HONORARY member, your membership is lifetime, Just complete the membership renewal form so we can keep your information current and either email or mail it to our Club's Treasurer.

Follow the instructions on the membership renewal form as to where to mail the form to. Unsure of your current membership level or have any questions? Contact our Club Secretary, Sharon Utych for information

If you are renewing online, there is a $1.50 processing fee that will be added to cover the cost of the PayPal processing fee that we have to pay. 

PLEASE NOTE: Breeder Referral listings are in addition to the membership renewal. 

All membership renewals must be paid by 12/31/2021 for active 2022 membership

2022 Renewal Form (You will need to PRINT)

For the 2022 Renewal Form, click HERE

Please print this form out and complete it prior to paying online as you will need to determine what membership you will be choosing and the amount to be paid. Additionally, if you are paying online, you must write down the Paypal transaction id on the 2022 Renewal Form so the membership chair can match up the payment transactions to the renewal forms she receives. This form can be emailed to the Club Secretary if paid online or FREE membership. If you are paying by check, please enclose the form with your payment and mail to the address listed on the renewal form. 


2022 On Line Membership & Breeder Referral Payment Options

Breeder Referral Listing Renewal - Discounted Fee
  • Breeder Referral Listing Renewal - Discounted Fee
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2022 Breeder Referral Listing renewal with 50% discount. You MUST be a REGULAR member for Breeder Referral Listings AND have met the requirements listed on the Breeder Referral Policy Statement for the 50% discounted fee. DO NOT SELECT THIS OPTION FOR BREEDER REFERRAL IF YOU HAVE NOT MET THE REQUIREMENTS. You must renew your Breeder Referral listing each year and annually meet the policy requirements for a 50% discount. A $1.50 convenience fee will be added to the transaction.

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